About Us

Skunk Ape Software

What on Earth is a Skunk Ape?

The Skunk Ape is a mythical creature said to inhabit swampy areas in the Southeastern United States. Here in Florida, we like to think of him as a stinkier version of Bigfoot. The Skunk Ape's wikipedia entry is chock-full of cryptozoological goodness.

Who is Skunk Ape Software?

Skunk Ape Software is a small software development shop based out of Tampa, FL.

Mark primarily writes business automation software on the Microsoft stack but enjoys staying mentally limber by learning new languages and platforms. Mark is always looking for ways to make his life easier via technology. Mark has been developing software for around 10 years.

Jamie, the brains and the business sense behind the operation, is a CPA by day and chips in at Skunk Ape as a QA Tester/Accountant/Jack-of-all-trades. Jamie spends her spare time hatching plans to follow Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers around the country full-time, locking down her Facebook page, and drinking margaritas.